History Channel 5 - Mysterious Chicago

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William and Aaron Marx are cousins. They knew each other as kids, but drifted apart in college. They came together again when Aaron took William home from the Turtle Bay Institute of Mental Health, the same day as Aaron’s former science consultant Tiffany Schwartz was put there in William’s old room. Now they live together in Aaron’s apartment. Aaron’s half is always messy and William’s half is clinically neat.

Aaron Marx, a producer at History Channel 5, had a storied career. A few years ago, he quit the set of a film in a huff. Hex ProductionsNight of the Living Head was too low even for him. He did meet Rue Daring on set at Holt Hill, as well as her mentor, the eccentric philanthropist J. Holt.

Rue is now the on-screen personality for a show on History Channel 5. She works with her former classmate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Skylar Argo. They both studied under Professor Calamity Strauss, who worked with them on an odd documentary, The History of Vampires in America.

Skyler is the editor and videographer for the show. She has a temper, and was once institutionalized for anger management when she beat up some hecklers. There she met William, who now serves as the occult advisor on the show. They had the same therapist at Turtle Bay: Caroline Aravello.

The crew of the show often find themselves eating at a location of the unsettlingly ubiquitous Giordano’s Family Pizzaria. The food isn’t good but it’s cheap, and the restaurants are certainly very… uniform.

The Mayor of Chicago, Harold Forsythe, is known as a proactive supporter of mental health care, focusing on helping rehabilitate instigators of minor assaults. Accusations that he’s an alcoholic and a porn addict have no backing.


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