History Channel 5 - Mysterious Chicago

Ashes and Smoke

The crew’s research found stories of strange phenomena at Bell Reed Hospital in Waukegan, where a Dr. Spelling had been arrested years before for experimentation on patients under anaesthesia, working on tissue grafts. The experiments took place in a disused wing of the hospital.

While exploring the wing, the crew found odd clues: flickering lights, the tiny footprints of an unknown creature, odd rhythmic sounds, and uneven temperatures. William seemed to recognize Room 64; when he and Skylar went inside they found twelve dolls on shelves near an examination chair equipped with an odd armed device. The component at the end of the device was missing, leaving only trailing wires. Skyler’s prodding of William revealed that he had been doing experiments on children, investigating empathy in some way.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Rue investigated the basement. They saw a side room full of row upon row of empty gurneys and heard strange skittering noises. The rhythmic banging seemed to be coming from the furnace in the middle of the basement. When they opened the furnace, some old paper records in the room suddenly caught fire. Rue ran to get a fire extinguisher, but Aaron kept filming. He saw a smoky figure rise out of the furnace and passed out.

The rest of the crew was able to extinguish the worst of the fire and evacuate. Aaron was treated by paramedics for smoke inhalation but spent much of the next day asleep.

Later review of the tape showed not only the smoky figure but also some small spider-like creature skittering in the corner.


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