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Return to Bell Reed

The next morning the crew met up for work. Aaron told the other two that he may be a bit irritable, and he eventually shared that he had an unknown implant. He also realized that the implant matched the appearance of the spider that they saw at Bell Reed Hospital. Rue and Skylar told him about the strange closets in the ‘L’ station and they arranged to get permission to film there and made an appointment to interview one of the maintenance staff that manages the station.

The crew headed for Bell Reed to interview Dr. Horus. They learned a bit more about Dr. Spelling’s experiments on patients as well as the fact that the hospital had also done psychological experiments on empathy in children and emotional attachment to proxy objects.

The closed west wing of the hospital had been cleaned after the fire and had fans set up to dry out the remains from the sprinklers. The crew ran into Jerome, a janitor, in the basement, and interviewed him about the creepiness there. Jerome said that he’d seen something in one of the boxes of papers that looked like the spider.

The group went into the furnace room, where Rue found a tooth in the furnace, which seemed to actually be an incinerator. Aaron searched through the boxes and found a paper describing a device like the spider that had William Marx’s name on it. A woman whispered over his shoulder; he assumed it was another hallucination, but the other two saw it also.

The figure seemed to be the ghost of Lindsey Moore. She insisted that Dr. Spelling needed to burn, and said that “He said [Aaron] would understand.” It was unclear who the “He” was. She traumatized Rue with the feeling of burning and scared everyone before Skyler dispersed her with a fire extinguisher.

Aaron purloined the spider papers and Rue purloined the tooth. The crew looked around a bit more and found two chairs nearby. One had been burned and the other had strange discoloration on its metal as if someone’s hand had touched it and seared in a circuitry pattern. The table between the chairs had a few bits of wire and metal stuck in its cracks.


Typo! “She insisted that Dr; Spelling needed to burn” <— dat semicolon

Return to Bell Reed
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