History Channel 5 - Mysterious Chicago

Sal Is Missing

The crew woke up one morning and reported to work only to discover that their primary cameraman, Sal, was missing. They investigated and found an increasingly strange series of circumstances: his van was gone with the best camera equipment, his information was erased from the equipment log, and his apartment was as bare as if he was never there. The landlord didn’t remember him existing at all.

The party reported Sal to the police as missing, and Detective Cooper took up the case. However, they found out that he appeared to have disappeared from all records: there was no Sal Rantiome in the driver or voting records. Rue, who had been dating him, contacted his parents, and they claimed that they didn’t have a son. The crew found signs of a struggle at Sal’s parking space and acquired surveillance camera footage of the lot as well as a rag stained with white paint. The footage showed Sal being shoved into the back of his own van by a man wearing a t-shirt.


GregoryAveryWeir GregoryAveryWeir

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