History Channel 5 - Mysterious Chicago

The Machine in the Basement

The crew had trouble reaching Detective Cooper so they took the Sal investigation into their own hands. They found an abandoned car near Sal’s apartment that was somehow missing a VIN and license plate, and interviewed the clerk at a nearby business who saw a man with a T-shirt for Beech Hill Realty.

The crew decided to check out the company’s new housing development, which was full of empty houses. One had what seemed to be a patrol car parked in front of it. They carefully investigated and found a staircase in the basement leading down to a strange metal bunker. Handcuffed to a bed in the bunker was Cooper.

The bunker also contained a hatch in the floor with the sound of machinery, a rack of strange tapes, a player for the tapes, and a recorder hooked up to a hat-like sensor device. Rue tried to free Cooper with an axe, but only managed to injure his ankle.

The crew heard someone coming down the steps; it was the kidnapper, wearing his Beech Hill Realty uniform. The crew confronted and restrained him, then freed Cooper. They investigated the bunker further, trying the tapes in the player.

Each tape seemed to contain a recording of a person who could carry on a conversation but not remember the previous play time. They found tapes for a woman named Sarah, an old coworker of the kidnapper’s named Mike, and Sal.

Meanwhile, Aaron opened the hatch and found that it contained a sea of gears, stretching down out of sight and extending laterally to an impossible degree so that it seemed like the bunker was suspended over some ocean of machinery. He also found signs that bodies had been dumped into the gears.

Extended use of the tape machines sparked a fire, and the crew grabbed some tapes and fled. The kidnapper, Jimmy, claimed that none of the people he’d kidnapped were real and that he was doing some sort of twisted art project.

The crew made it out. Jimmy was arrested and Cooper was taken to the hospital. They all went home, but later that evening the news reported that a mass grave was found in the ashes of the house. There was no mention of a strange metal bunker or an infinite sea of gears.


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